Detailed packaging box design


Packing box is a folding carton and colored corrugated […]

Packing box is a folding carton and colored corrugated box made of two materials: plastic, cardboard and fine corrugated cardboard. It has the characteristics of light weight, portable, wide source of raw materials, environmental protection and exquisite printing. At present internationally, especially in developed countries, the definition of "color box packaging" is very clear. Paper box packaging including food, alcohol, medicine, daily / cosmetics, tobacco, electronics, etc. are all classified as "color boxes." The scope of packaging.

Design is particularly important, because in the subsequent production process, all will be made according to the drawings. Every step will be wrong, and every step will be wrong. This shows his importance. Everyone has principles when designing, practicality, aesthetics. Aspects of economics, economics, originality and relevance.

Practicality is the most basic. Don't design it in a way that you can't use, but creativity is also important. This industry requires constant innovation. If you have been in the same level for several years, then compete with your peers. There is really no advantage.

The practicality of color box packaging design: Practicality is one of the basic attributes of design. It is mainly considered to reflect the function and function of the product, which can be reflected by the packaging material, structure, shape and pattern. The functions and functions of the products are different, and the requirements for the practicality of packaging design are also different. Therefore, the color box packaging design also needs to be packaged according to the needs of different products, not only the appearance of the color box, but also the quality of the color box.

The economics of color box packaging design: Economical is to obtain the maximum product effect with the least cost investment. Flashy is the most easy mistake many manufacturers make when packaging products. They think that products need gorgeous appearance, but excessive packaging Not only will it affect the sales of the product, it will also cause the high cost of the product, which is not conducive to the operation of the enterprise.

Aesthetics of color box packaging design: Aesthetics requires the combination of various factors to design packaging product designs that meet the characteristics of the times, national characteristics and outstanding aesthetics. The main purpose of product packaging design is to establish a good image for the product, thereby achieving the purpose of promoting sales, so its aesthetics and beauty are necessary. As a kind of packaging design, color box packaging must follow the requirements of packaging design.

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