Tips for using food blister box


Common sense to identify inferior products: Can be used […]

Common sense to identify inferior products:

Can be used in addition to the above method for identification. The submerged water test is used to verify the quality of fast food blister boxes: inferior products are generally tested by adding cheap minerals. If this method of box packaging sinks, it is unqualified packaging. Qualified fast food boxes will float on the water if they have a small specific gravity.

Food blister box has several disadvantages:

Insufficient product injection, product overflow, product dents and air bubbles, product joints, product brittleness, plastic discoloration, product silver wire, markings and flow marks, product gate turbidity, product warpage and shrinkage, product size Not allowed, the product is pasted in the mold, the material is pasted in the runner, and the nozzle is drooling.

Packaging tips:

Storage When storing this product, it should be stored in a relatively cool, ventilated and dry indoor warehouse with a temperature below 40 degrees. The distance to the heat source is not less than 2.5M and cannot be stored together with toxic materials. Under normal storage conditions, the storage period is 30 June (three years) from the date of production.

Check the basic knowledge:

Scope This standard specifies the product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, and requirements for marking, packaging, transportation, and storage of thermoformed products. Specifications: Determined according to the dimensions of thermoformed products. Special specifications are agreed by both parties.

Technical and appearance requirements:

The product is intact and full, with clear outline and smooth surface. No deformation, ribs or warpage are allowed. There are no bubble points and concave points that are not required by the design, the thickness of the four sides is uniform, and there is no visually visible deformation and poor molding.

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