Advantages of plastic fruit trays


When buying goods, we generally look at the packaging f […]

When buying goods, we generally look at the packaging first, with and without packaging, people often choose to have packaging! When we buy fruits in the supermarket, we will find that many fruits are packed in trays, but this is generally a little more expensive than bulk. Today we will take a look at some of the advantages of using fruit trays in life. .

1. Protect the product

Some processed fresh fruits or directly picked fruits are semi-processed and packed in fruit trays to ensure that the fruit products are not damaged by the surface and extend the freshness period of the fruits.

2. Play a role in promoting product sales

The fruit tray itself has the function of identifying and beautifying the product, which can attract customers to purchase and promote consumption. As an important part of form products, the fruit tray can also extend the protection of the freshness of fruits and vegetables and avoid waste caused by oxidative decay of fruits.

3. Play a role in upgrading the product

Good outer packaging can better reflect the value of the product, improve the grade of the product, and obtain higher value. Because the packaged products are easy to store and keep, convenient to transport, reduce damage, etc., it can increase market sales and also increase profits.

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