Blister tray and wooden tray


1. Durability: The life of the plastic tray is about 10 […]

1. Durability: The life of the plastic tray is about 10 times longer than that of the wooden tray.

2. Reliability: The reliability of the blister tray structure greatly reduces the damage and consumption of the tray, and the damage to the materials on the tray due to the damage of the tray. The plastic tray is lighter than the same wooden tray, so the weight and cost of transportation are reduced .

3. Hygiene: Blister trays can be cleaned and reused. The US Department of Agriculture is promoting companies to use plastic trays / plastic products to carry products. And now the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is also aware that plastic pallets / plastic products should be used as the first choice for the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Defense.

4. Insurance: Due to the damage resistance of plastic pallets, workers ’compensation requirements are reduced accordingly, and the reduction in the use of wood in the factory is equal to the reduction in fire insurance premiums.

5. Residual value: The used plastic tray can be sold at 30% of the original value, because the plastic tray can be sold back to the manufacturer or other entities for reuse.

6. Environmental protection: Blister trays are environmentally friendly products because they can all be recycled and reused, greatly reducing garbage and disposal costs

Blister packaging protection products can also beautify products

1. The role of display. In real life, many small commodities are not easy to hang due to their own structural reasons. At this time, a good blister package can solve the problem well. Products can be used: hot air double bubble shell, card bubble shell, transparent folding box, etc.

2. For logistics transportation. During long-distance transportation, there will be intense bumps. At this time, in order to prevent product damage, the fixed protection of blister packaging is particularly important. Generally, inner trays, blister boxes, flocking blister boxes, and card inserts are used during transportation.

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