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  The plastic blister box is one of the products o […]


The plastic blister box is one of the products of blister products, which belongs to a processing craft. In the production process, the heat-softened sheet is heat-sealed with the mold in a cooling process, and the principle is a vacuum absorbing method. The understanding of plastic blister box, plastic refers to the raw material sheet, is a material containing plastic components, and the blister box is the box item in the shape of concave and convex groove. The use range of blister boxes is mostly used in toys, digital products, electronic products, stationery, home appliances, cosmetics, gifts, medical care, etc., to protect, beautiful and enhance the grade of goods. According to the different requirements of aseptic packaging, the materials used are different. The use of transparent materials can better and clear the structure of the items that consumers can see, as well as the characteristics of the items. If used on different items, you can choose different colors according to the customer's requirements and the image of the item. The choice of materials depends on the positioning of the packaging.

Why use a blister box as a package for items?

The importance of blister packaging is the low cost, light weight and good packaging effect. The use of light packaging is not only convenient for consumers to carry, but also convenient for loading and carrying. It is also cheaper to compare packaging plastic packaging with other types of packaging plastic packaging. There are three types of packaging used in the plastic packaging industry, such as protection, sales, or a combination of both. If both protective packaging and sales packaging are used, they must be designed according to the needs of the product. In fact, as long as the packaging can achieve the original effect of packaging, as long as the cost can be better grasped in their own hands.

What are the benefits of using a blister pack?

The packaging helps the beautification of the articles, and the process of protecting the articles and transportation can be stabilized, and the grade and value of the articles can be improved. As people's lives are better than before, the life is better. It is. Consumption has gradually become something that everyone has to do every day. In order to better satisfy the consumers' desires and appearances in the process of consumption, there are manufacturers from the previous transportation type packaging (before the earliest The packaging is only for the convenience of transportation), changed to the current packaging sales use, blister box packaging use benefits can increase the number of items, beautification, grade, value, the importance of the item is converted into the sales of the item.

Is it costly to use a blister pack?

Blister box products are plastic type packaging, plastic type packaging is compared with metal packaging and glass packaging. The difference is that the cooling process of plastic sheet forming is simple to operate, the price is low, and the material can be recycled. It is resistant to decay and light in weight and convenient for consumers to carry. Compared with other packaging plastic blister products, it will be relatively cheaper. Of course, any packaging has advantages and disadvantages. It is most important to make better use of the value of blister packaging.

Plastic blister packaging is very light and easy to carry, and it will not cause too much pollution in the environment. Because plastic is a recyclable material, packaging can better promote the sales of goods.

Plastic packaging products are cheaper, and they can save you more on your consumption and expenses compared to other packaging. It is also important to choose the way to package. The value of blister packaging products is to increase consumer choice and promote sales.

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