Can the takeaway fast food box be heated directly?


Can take-out fast food boxes be heated directly with ta […]

Can take-out fast food boxes be heated directly with take-out? I believe this is something that many take-out people want to know. It saves trouble, and friends who need to bring boxes to heat take-out food together.

At present, there are many materials for take-out fast food boxes on the market. Many packaging boxes are considered safer to contain food, but this does not mean that all safe take-out boxes containing food can be heated.

It is understood that among the many take-out fast food boxes, the plastic products that can be used in microwave ovens are made of No. 5 plastic polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene (PP) is a plastic material with very good heat resistance, and it is often used in plastic appliances that are heated in a microwave oven. Polypropylene (PP) itself is relatively heat-resistant, and the temperature that polypropylene can withstand is 120-130°C. However, the heating temperature of the microwave oven can exceed this temperature and reach 150°C.

Except for the takeaway fast food box of this material, the heat resistance of other disposable lunch boxes is much worse. Therefore, try not to put them in the microwave oven for direct heating, and at the same time, do not pack too much. Hot food in order to avoid unqualified lunch boxes from releasing harmful substances under the action of heat and affecting health.

In summary, even the microwave plastic tableware that is qualified according to the standard test is only recommended to be used under short-term heating conditions below 700W, unless the product is marked for cooking or has obtained other higher-requirement international certifications. Use under stricter conditions.

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