Choice of disposable plastic lunch boxes


Most people know that disposable lunch boxes have many […]

Most people know that disposable lunch boxes have many controversies from both a sanitary and environmental perspective, but they are always used because of their convenience. Some environmental protection experts remind us that not all disposable lunch boxes on the market today conform to national standards. Long-term use of unqualified plastic lunch boxes will have adverse effects on the body, so it is necessary to bring your own lunch boxes. The following are suggestions for safe eating habits given by environmental experts:

1. If it is not clear whether it is a disposable lunch box made of pure PP, don't put it in a microwave oven to heat it.

2. Foam plastic lunch boxes used by vendors should be rejected.

3. Some unfavorable manufacturers add plasticizers to facilitate processing. Generally, this plasticizer is soluble in oil. If it is hot oil, it will dissolve more, so if the food contains oil, a small amount of plasticizer will be dissolved in the oil. It is then transferred to food. If it is exposed to plasticizers for a long time or in excess, it will have certain effects on the body. Disposable lunch boxes need to be distinguished, and qualified lunch boxes can be used with confidence. Also, try to avoid using disposable lunch boxes for high-temperature foods, fried foods, and mixed foods of vinegar and cooking wine.

4. How to choose a qualified disposable lunch box: the so-called plastic, which is a small molecule one by one, composes a compound, just like wearing beads. The more and longer you wear it, the stronger it is, so the plasticizer is slightly less. If it is transparent or heavy, like that glass, it will be translucent if it is flat, and if it is uneven, it will not be translucent. Transparency only means how flat it is. Shen is just the density of its lamination. Its density has nothing to do with the amount of plasticizer it adds. So choose a disposable lunch box.

5. People who often use disposable lunch boxes should eat more fruits and whole grains: all toxic components in the body can be eliminated by three methods. , Reduce absorption, second increase exclusion, third decrease damage. Crude fiber food can help the body absorb harmful substances and make them excrete with feces. Reduce toxins into the blood (I personally think it would be more objective to write this way.) (This way toxins will not enter the blood after entering the body.) Vitamin C is contained in fruits. Vitamin C can enhance metabolic functions and also help to excrete poisons.

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