Classification of the material of the blister tray


If plastic trays are to be classified according to rele […]

If plastic trays are to be classified according to relevant materials, then there are totally different classifications. From the current situation, they can be divided into PVC materials or pt materials, and can also be divided into pp materials or ps materials Different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The blister tray made of PVC is relatively transparent, has relatively few crystal points, is widely used, has strong impact resistance and is convenient for molding.

Pet plastic blister trays have good flexibility, and they have high transparency, and can even be recycled. It is easy to burn and does not produce any harmful gas during the process.

The blister tray made of ps material is basically in the process of actual processing, the density is relatively low, it is especially easy to burn, and the toughness is relatively poor.

PETG plastic trays can effectively solve the problem of relatively high melting point in the actual processing process, and all of the composite surface materials used are a layer of PVC film, but their price will be relatively Higher, even, will have a variety of different modes of use, and their blister trays also have different characteristics.

A simple way to verify whether the plastic blister tray is toxic. You can pick up the plastic blister tray and put it on the fire. If you can smell a pungent odor after burning, it is harmful plastic. Good plastic is in There is no heavy smoke when you burn it. In this way, you can try to make it.

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