Cleverly identify blister packaging materials to avoid being deceived


What is the material of the blister box? What are the b […]

What is the material of the blister box? What are the blister packaging materials? How can we distinguish them?

1. PP blister packaging material characteristics: good material flexibility, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, relatively high temperature resistant, can enter the microwave oven, but poor plasticity, difficult to form, lack of luster on the surface, showing matte

Identification of combustion: When burning, the flame is yellow and blue, smells like oil, melts and drops, and there is no black smoke when burning.

2, PET blister packaging material characteristics: This material is an environmentally friendly material, the material has good hardness, strong transparency, and the surface of the material is bright.

Identification of combustion: There is black smoke when burning, and there is a flashover phenomenon in the flame. After burning, the surface of the material is black carbonized, and the black charcoal after burning of the fingers is powdery.

3, PVC blister packaging material characteristics: is one of the most used materials in blister packaging, moderate price, strong toughness, good shape, will become brittle when exposed to low temperature, easy to break

Identification of combustion: When it is burned, it emits black smoke, cannot be ignited, and is extinguished from the fire. The burning surface is black and there is no melting and dripping.

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