Cost control of cake box


Nowadays, the cake box industry is becoming more and mo […]

Nowadays, the cake box industry is becoming more and more popular. Many peers. Generally speaking, the cake box is customized. Some manufacturers will have stocks, but they usually undertake customization. LOGO, such as cake shops and other places, this kind of places need to be customized.

Cost control is becoming more and more important nowadays. Packaging color box is no exception, no matter the cake box in low, medium and high-end products, all face a problem of cost control. After all, the cost saved is pure profit.

More and more results have been achieved in terms of cost savings for customers. In general, it is one point: the right product positioning + the right packaging material + the right process. Referred to as the "triple principle". Below we talk about several cost components of packaging color boxes.

Paper: There are many types of paper. Different papers and different g-numbers naturally have different prices. The same paper and the same g-number are also different because of different brands, and the prices are also different.

Printing: There are mainly several types of printing, divided according to the size of the machine, there are full boot, double boot, four boot, six boot, etc. According to the color, there are 4C + 4C, 4C + 1, 4C, 2C and 1C. UV printing has 6C + 1, 8C + 1.

According to the type of printing: ordinary printing + UV printing. Surface treatment: over film, over oil polishing, UV, bronzing, bumping, embossing, etc.

Process structure: hardcover box, card box, pit box, etc. In addition to the above aspects, the cost factor is also related to the complexity of the process, the number of specific color boxes and the specific number of each section.

Cost saving also requires reasonable savings. Do n’t cut corners and use inferior materials. In this case, you might as well raise the price. The cake box is a food protection box. Do n’t go wrong with safety issues. Otherwise, the customer will use something. , Manufacturers still need to be responsible

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