Different thicknesses of blister packaging boxes for different packaging


Blister packaging boxes have different thicknesses, so […]

Blister packaging boxes have different thicknesses, so the packaged products are also different

1. General thin blister packaging box. The thickness of this type of product is 0.14 ~ 5.0mm. When producing, it is the first choice of various raw materials and functions such as PVC, PS, PET and recyclable paper tray. Side, half, and other products, widely used in food, medicine, computers, daily necessities, cosmetics and machinery hardware and other occupations.

2. A special thick plastic packaging box with a thickness of 0.14 ~ 8.0mm, which can replace injection products. It has the characteristics of low mold cost, short production cycle and short mold development time. The main products are refrigerator liners, advertising shelves, Pet cage chassis, rear case for rear projection TV and various mechanical panels.

The raw materials for the production of blister food packaging boxes are pp, pet, pvc etc.

Packaging has the function of identifying and beautifying products, which can attract purchases and guide consumption. As an important part of form products, if you choose to use a blister box as a packaging business, you need to pay attention to the packaging design and appearance of the blister box. Image Design.

Although plastic packaging boxes can increase fruit sales, for the benefit of consumers, oubeier reminds everyone to consider the correct approach to packaging.

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