How are disposable fast food boxes made?


A method for making a fast food box is characterized in […]

A method for making a fast food box is characterized in that it uses corn wrappers as the main raw material, followed by soaking, steaming, spinning, weaving, pre-pressing, cutting, moulding, hot pressing, trimming, inspection, and sterilization. , Packaging and warehousing and other processes are completed, including:

1. The soaking and steaming process is to put the selected raw corn wrappers into a high-temperature and high-pressure container for soaking and steaming to decompose the raw materials, soften the fiber bundles, and peel off other tissues. The temperature is 140-150°C, and the pressure is 0.2-0.25Mpa. between;

2. The fiber-strengthening process is to put the raw materials that have been soaked and decomposed and softened by the soaking and steaming process into the carding machine for carding, and the fibers are combed. The line speed of the combing roller is controlled at 500-600M/min, so that the fiber is controlled at 30-50mm long. ,Zero dancing is discharged from the discharging port;

3. The warp spinning process is to twist and spin the fiber extracted from the fiber-lifting process into a warp on a twisting machine, and the warp thickness is controlled between 0.5-0.6mm;

4. The knitting process is to weave the raw materials after the warp spinning process into a piece of warp and weft, reaching between 2000-2500.

5. Pre-pressing process: Pre-press the material woven into warp in the weaving process, and the pressure is controlled between 0.1-0.15Mpa. Through pre-pressing, the holes, gaps and gaps in the woven material are closed and flattened;

6. The cutting process is to cut and cut the material that is pre-pressed and smooth in the pre-pressing process according to the shape of the lunch box;

7. The mold-loading process is to put the material cut in the cutting process into the mold and stretch it for positioning;

8. The hot pressing process is to place the material positioned in the mold loading process in a hot press for hot pressing. The temperature is between 150-170℃, the unit pressure is 2.3.5Mpa, and the time is 25~35S. Mold; i. The trimming process is to cut off the edges of the semi-finished product that has been hot-pressed and formed through the h process;

9. The inspection process is to carry out quality inspection on the finished product after the hot pressing process is trimmed, and the qualified products with no leakage, no scars, regular appearance, smooth surface, and meeting dimensions are transferred to the next process;

10. The sterilization process is to put the qualified products in the sterilization cinnamon in the inspection process to sterilize and kill the virus to meet the hygienic standards.

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