How to choose a good lunch box


There are several types of common lunch boxes, glass bo […]

There are several types of common lunch boxes, glass body plastic lid lunch boxes, enamel lunch boxes, pure plastic lunch boxes, stainless steel lunch boxes, aluminum lunch boxes, wood / bamboo / grass lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, disposable plastic lunch boxes, and next, we will give separately Everyone introduces their characteristics and matters needing attention.

1. Glass body plastic lid lunch box:

From the chemical point of view, the glass lunch box releases very few harmful substances, and can hold foods of various types and temperatures, and it can be heated in a microwave oven, and the plastic cover with a sealing ring can provide good sealing and ensure Food hygiene and aroma. Not only that, the glass lunch box is colorless and transparent, the user can directly see the contents, which can fully display the rich color of the food, make the index finger move, and live up to our carefully designed food color. Safe, sealed and appetite-enhancing, the glass lunch box is really the best choice for lunch boxes. In fact, the staff of SGS Light Industry Department are using this lunch box.

Precautions for use: Obviously, the glass lunch box is afraid of falling, so be careful not to bump it. The plastic cover has a very good tightness. Therefore, when heating, you must open the vent or simply open the cover to avoid the phenomenon of bulging.

2. Enamel lunch box:

This type of lunch box is relatively rare, mainly because the enamel lunch box has a metal core and cannot be heated in a microwave oven. Today, this is just a need, so it has basically been eliminated by the market.

3. Pure plastic lunch box:

Plastic products are much worse than glass in terms of temperature resistance, and various monomers, additives, and additives may be released into food during use. Therefore, although they meet the relevant product standards, the chemical safety is not as good as glass lunch boxes . In addition, compared to glass lunch boxes, plastic lunch boxes are not wear-resistant, and once scratches appear, it will become more and more difficult to clean thoroughly. However, plastic products are not afraid of falling, which is an advantage.

Precautions for use: Polypropylene (PP) must be selected for plastic lunch boxes. Other common plastic materials are not as good as PP in chemical safety. In particular, plastic products are not resistant to high temperatures. Therefore, high-temperature foods containing oil cannot be poured directly into plastic lunch boxes.

4. Stainless steel lunch box:

The safety of the stainless steel lunch box is guaranteed, and it is not afraid of falling, but due to the inability to heat the microwave oven, there are fewer and fewer users. However, in some occasions, it is also very useful, such as construction sites, field scenes, etc. In these occasions, stainless steel lunch boxes are the first choice, because stainless steel lunch boxes can be directly heated on the fire.

5. Aluminum lunch box:

Aluminum lunch boxes will release aluminum elements into foods, especially acidic foods. The excessive intake of aluminum is easy to cause neurological symptoms such as dementia in old places, so it is not recommended for everyone.

6. Wooden / Bamboo lunch box:

If we make Japanese food at home, wood / bamboo lunch boxes are the first choice. After all, sentiment is also an important part of diet. However, there is a big problem with wood / bamboo products that is not easy to clean. Therefore, repeated use is a problem. After use, you must pay attention to cleaning to avoid leaving a dead end.

7. Paper lunch box:

Regardless of whether the paper products are coated or coated with wax, more than one hour of contact with food will release more chemicals. If the water resistance is not good, the structure may even be damaged, causing food to overflow. Therefore, this kind of lunch box is more suitable as a take-out box for holding non-aqueous food and is not recommended for ordinary people.

8. Disposable plastic lunch box:

The quality of disposable plastic tableware is usually not as good as reusable, and the food contact period of the lunch box is too long, at least a few hours, and may need to be heated by a microwave oven, which greatly increases the amount of harmful substances released in the plastic. Therefore, such products are better used in the takeout industry, and are not recommended for ordinary use.

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