How to choose disposable paper products?


Disposable tableware facilitates our lives. In order to […]

Disposable tableware facilitates our lives. In order to ensure the safety and health of diners, disposable tableware manufacturers have made great efforts to select the tableware. How does the catering industry choose paper products to ensure the safety of diners?

First of all, pay attention to look and smell when choosing paper utensils. Friends engaged in the catering industry should not buy tableware with odors, impurities, or unevenly laminated films; if the tableware purchased has oil leakage, deformation due to heat and odor during use, it should be stopped immediately. Disposable lunch box manufacturers remind you that if the color of paper tableware is too white or has impurities, it is not recommended to buy it. Pouring hot water into paper cups and paper bowls produces a strange taste and should also be discontinued. This may be due to cracking changes in recycled polyethylene.

Secondly, choose paper utensils with good resilience. Paper quality tableware produced by disposable lunch box manufacturers has good resilience. You can pinch it when buying, it will not become very soft, and it has the resilience that is worth buying. In addition, you can also tear open a layer to see if the fault plane is yellow or contains more impurities.

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