In-film labeling technology for blister boxes


The scope of use of blister boxes is mostly used in toy […]

The scope of use of blister boxes is mostly used in toys, digital products, electronic products, stationery, home appliances, cosmetics, gifts, medicine and health care, etc., to protect, beautify and improve the quality of items.

1 According to the different requirements of the packaging, the materials used are also different. The use of transparent materials can better and clearer the structure and characteristics of the items that consumers can see. If it is used on the packaging of different items, different colors can be selected according to the customer's requirements and the image of the item. The choice of materials depends on the positioning of the packaging.

2 The use of plastic packaging boxes has three advantages: protection ability, promotion of sales and improvement of the level of goods. Some use plastic packaging boxes not just for sales, and some items are packed to protect the transportation of items. In the earliest days, packaging was just for convenient transportation. Later, in modern society, people's desire for perfection and pursuit is high. So it's just to protect the packaging for transportation, to the current packaging sales.

3  Use packaging as a specialization of items to increase consumers’ sense of interest in items. A perfect plastic packaging box can also increase the value of items. Packaged and unpackaged items are absolute for consumers. There is a gap. The packaging design of plastic packaging boxes must focus on the psychological needs of consumers in order to design and produce perfect sales-style packaging.

In-mold labeling technology is to use the in-mold labeling machine to blow the trademark (in-mold label) manufactured by a special process into the blow mold cavity of the hollow plastic product. After high temperature and high pressure, the labeling and The blowing of hollow products is completed simultaneously. Compared with the traditional self-adhesive label labeling method, the production process is simplified and the production rate is greatly improved.

The advantage of the in-mold label is that the label and the plastic product are of the same type of plastic resin, which can be fused into a whole under high temperature in the mold. It is natural and has the characteristics of waterproof, oil and mildew resistance. It is not easy to fall under various harsh environments. And the trademark is more beautiful. Furthermore, labels and products can be taken back together, simplifying the recycling process and coordinating environmental protection, which is consistent with the environmental protection theme currently recommended at home and abroad.

And because the in-mold labeling system (including the manufacturing of in-mold labels and the use of in-mold labeling machines) is relatively complicated, it also reduces the possibility of fraud, which gives the plastic packaging that seeks quality, quality, and brand The user manufacturers of the products provide very reliable brand protection methods. Therefore, the hollow packaging products produced by the in-mold labeling technology are more and more popular among users.

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