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  • Advantages of plastic fruit trays


    When buying goods, we generally look at the packaging first, with and without packaging, people often choose to have packaging! When we buy fruits in the supermarket, we will find that many fruits are...

  • Types of disposable thermal lunch boxes


    What are the types of disposable insulated lunch boxes? How to tell if the quality of the takeaway insulated lunch box is good or bad What are the types of disposable thermal lunch boxes 1.Plastic typ...

  • Classification of the material of the blister tray


    If plastic trays are to be classified according to relevant materials, then there are totally different classifications. From the current situation, they can be divided into PVC materials or pt materi...

  • Choice of disposable plastic lunch boxes


    Most people know that disposable lunch boxes have many controversies from both a sanitary and environmental perspective, but they are always used because of their convenience. Some environmental prote...

  • Transparent plastic box cake box and what is the difference?


    1.Difference in molding Transparent cake box: Press the transparent film out of the border line of the box structure by using a beer machine, remove the "waste" outside the border line of the box, get...

  • Cake box custom design requires a lot of skills


    There are many morals of cake expressions, and cakes are not only used on birthdays. Cakes can be used directly on many occasions, and can be used on large occasions such as weddings and company celeb...

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