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  • Oubeier Cake Boxes Is More Popular Than Ever


    Take your cake making business to a different level and really stand out in the crowd by introducing custom CAKE box sets. Whether you operate a large or small cake business, you can present your swee...

  • Can the takeaway fast food box be heated directly?


    Can take-out fast food boxes be heated directly with take-out? I believe this is something that many take-out people want to know. It saves trouble, and friends who need to bring boxes to heat take-ou...

  • How to use disposable lunch boxes healthy


    Nowadays, people value health and convenience, so how should we use disposable lunch boxes to make us both convenient and healthy? Disposable lunch boxes and disposable tableware are convenient to use...

  • How are disposable fast food boxes made?


    A method for making a fast food box is characterized in that it uses corn wrappers as the main raw material, followed by soaking, steaming, spinning, weaving, pre-pressing, cutting, moulding, hot pres...

  • How can I choose a safe and non-toxic disposable lunch box?


    The emergence of the disposable lunch box has brought great convenience to people's lives. The packaging box according to the national standard can be degraded without polluting the environment. As pe...

  • How to use plastic bento boxes correctly


    Many friends will ask how to use plastic lunch boxes correctly? Bento boxes are also called fresh-keeping boxes, lunch boxes, lunch boxes, etc. There are three types of fresh-keeping boxes: one is pla...

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