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  • Material and development of disposable plastic fast food lunch box


    There are two types of plastic lunch boxes on the market. One is foamed plastic lunch boxes and the other is food-grade plastic lunch boxes. The foamed lunch boxes will produce toxic substances at hig...

  • Use and maintenance of plastic food/fruit trays


    In the process of using plastic food and fruit trays, you need to pay attention to three tips: Technique 1: Handle with care When using plastic food and fruit trays, be careful to handle them gently, ...

  • The custom design of the cake box determines the important factor of physical beauty


    Cake boxes are not only used for bread and candies, but they are widely used in many occasions such as weddings, gift packaging, birthdays and Christmas decorations. They are a good choice for wedding...

  • Talking about blister tray


    There are many types of blister trays. The blister tray product is one of the blister types in the blister industry. The blister tray has a strong bearing capacity. It is a blister tray package suitab...

  • In-film labeling technology for blister boxes


    The scope of use of blister boxes is mostly used in toys, digital products, electronic products, stationery, home appliances, cosmetics, gifts, medicine and health care, etc., to protect, beautify and...

  • The design of the packaging box of soil eggs


    Modern people pay much attention to health. Nowadays, native egg gifts have become common gifts for people. But eggs are fragile. How to pack eggs and make them look decent? It depends on the designer...

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