• How to clean plastic products


    There are many plastic products around us, such as plastic cups, plastic boxes, plastic baskets, etc., and their components are mostly polyethylene or polypropylene, so they are not suitable for clean...

  • Characteristics of flexible packaging materials


    After the products are packaged, they are required to protect the products, prevent qualitative changes, and ensure quality. After printing, they must beautify the products, explain the products, and ...

  • Cost control of cake box


    Nowadays, the cake box industry is becoming more and more popular. Many peers. Generally speaking, the cake box is customized. Some manufacturers will have stocks, but they usually undertake customiza...

  • What is a blister box


    The blister box broadly refers to all blister shells. In a narrow sense, it is just a type of blister shell: It is formed into a plastic box shape by sheet plastic blister, and the lid is connected to...

  • Blister tray and wooden tray


    1. Durability: The life of the plastic tray is about 10 times longer than that of the wooden tray. 2. Reliability: The reliability of the blister tray structure greatly reduces the damage and consumpt...

  • How to choose a good lunch box


    There are several types of common lunch boxes, glass body plastic lid lunch boxes, enamel lunch boxes, pure plastic lunch boxes, stainless steel lunch boxes, aluminum lunch boxes, wood / bamboo / gras...

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