• The main materials and packaging design of blister packaging box


    When planning the packaging of blister products, first of all, you must fully understand the nature of the packaging items and the circulation environment. You must choose suitable packaging materials...

  • Difference between blister lunch box and injection lunch box


    Blister lunch box: The main principle of the process is to flatten the hard plastic sheet after heating and softening, and then use vacuum adsorption on the surface of the mold, cool it to form, and p...

  • Remove static electricity from the cake box


    Sometimes there is a slight static on the cake box Sometimes, these static electricity may pose a certain threat to the products to be packaged, and the removal of static electricity is necessary. The...

  • Different thicknesses of blister packaging boxes for different packaging


    Blister packaging boxes have different thicknesses, so the packaged products are also different 1. General thin blister packaging box. The thickness of this type of product is 0.14 ~ 5.0mm. When produ...

  • Detailed packaging box design


    Packing box is a folding carton and colored corrugated box made of two materials: plastic, cardboard and fine corrugated cardboard. It has the characteristics of light weight, portable, wide source of...

  • Tips for removing odor from plastic lunch boxes


    Minerals and preservatives often added to the raw materials of plastic lunch boxes and water, vinegar, oil, etc. contained in foods melt each other, so it is very easy to cause odor. How to remove the...

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