• Introduction to China's disposable tableware technical standards


    Hygiene standard Whether fast-food tableware meets the hygiene requirements is closely related to the health of consumers. Generally, it is required to use fermentation method (10cme2) of coliform bac...

  • Choose several different shapes of lunch boxes


    In many food and beverage stores, the purchase of disposable lunch boxes and packing boxes often neglect how to identify these qualified packaging boxes: to look at the gimmicks of the outer boxes, so...

  • Blister tray application range


      The plastic blister box is one of the products of blister products, which belongs to a processing craft. In the production process, the heat-softened sheet is heat-sealed with the mold in a coo...

  • Production of plastic tray


    Blister tray refers to a type of plastic tray formed by plastic forming process, mainly used for industrial products, electronic products, food packaging, thickness ranging from 0.2mm to 2mm. Divided ...

  • The role of plastic fruit trays in the food industry


    People's living standards are getting better and better, and the quality of life is becoming more and more stressful. The things they eat are getting more and more refined. They don't ask for more, ju...

  • Blister packaging advantages and options


    When purchasing blister packaging, you should determine the grade of the product. Depending on the processing technology, the various properties of the packaging made of plastic materials will vary gr...

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