• Remove static electricity from the cake box


    Sometimes there is a slight static on the cake box Sometimes, these static electricity may pose a certain threat to the products to be packaged, and the removal of static electricity is necessary. The...

  • Difference between blister lunch box and injection lunch box


    Blister lunch box: The main principle of the process is to flatten the hard plastic sheet after heating and softening, and then use vacuum adsorption on the surface of the mold, cool it to form, and p...

  • The main materials and packaging design of blister packaging box


    When planning the packaging of blister products, first of all, you must fully understand the nature of the packaging items and the circulation environment. You must choose suitable packaging materials...

  • Tips for using food blister box


    Common sense to identify inferior products: Can be used in addition to the above method for identification. The submerged water test is used to verify the quality of fast food blister boxes: inferior ...

  • Blister packaging process and cost estimation


    Blister packaging processing flow by Hangzhou Oubeier Plastic Industry Co., Ltd First. The customer issues an inquiry request: Second. The business department quotation: The price of blister products ...

  • What should do if the adhesion of laminating is not good


    When making cake boxes, lamination is often used. When laminating, there might be poor adhesion. What should I do if the adhesion is not good? 1. If the adhesive is not properly selected, the amount o...

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