Remove static electricity from the cake box


Sometimes there is a slight static on the cake box Some […]

Sometimes there is a slight static on the cake box

Sometimes, these static electricity may pose a certain threat to the products to be packaged, and the removal of static electricity is necessary.

There are two methods, a chemical elimination method and a physical elimination method.

The chemical elimination method can be understood as the antistatic agent treatment technology; it is mainly a method of applying antistatic agent to the resin or the substrate to modify the motor by filling technology or coating technology, which is a relatively complete and perfect antistatic technology; but Because the antistatic agent is added or coated, the chemical composition of the material is changed, so this technology is not suitable for the treatment of paper, and is only suitable for the modification of plastic resin.

The physical elimination method is a method that eliminates the inherent characteristics of static electricity without changing the function of the material. For example, the "grounding" elimination method is to install a static elimination brush on the process. Place the brush body at the winding or unwinding position of the paper or plastic roll, and make the grounding terminal of the antistatic brush reliably grounded.

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