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There are many types of blister trays. The blister tray […]

There are many types of blister trays. The blister tray product is one of the blister types in the blister industry. The blister tray has a strong bearing capacity. It is a blister tray package suitable for bearing strength according to the shape and weight of the article. Blister trays are commonly used in the electronics industry, toy industry, stationery industry, technology product industry, cosmetics industry, health care product industry and so on. In use, PVC and PS materials are commonly used in transparent blister trays. The color of other blister trays can be selected according to individual needs.

Blister trays are used in various industries, we are in supermarkets and pharmacies. Fruit shops and other places can be seen everywhere. So what are the advantages of blister trays?

1. The blister tray has strong environmental protection performance

Because the blister tray is completely recyclable, this greatly reduces the amount of garbage and the cost of garbage disposal to a certain extent, which is in line with the environmental protection route advocated by the country.

2. The blister tray has strong durability

The service life of blister trays is about 10 times that of wooden trays, which saves costs to a certain extent.

3. Strong professional performance of blister tray

Blister trays are becoming more and more popular in the market. They produce products of different natures for different companies, and they are distinguished, which is not easy to cause confusion.

4. The blister tray has strong reliability

The reliability of the blister tray structure greatly reduces the damage and consumption of the tray, and the damage to the material on the tray due to the damage of the tray.

5. The blister tray has strong transportation performance

Blister trays are now lighter than some other metal and wooden pallets, which are conducive to handling and carrying. The use of blister trays also reduces the weight and cost of transportation.

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