The custom design of the cake box determines the important factor of physical beauty


Cake boxes are not only used for bread and candies, but […]

Cake boxes are not only used for bread and candies, but they are widely used in many occasions such as weddings, gift packaging, birthdays and Christmas decorations. They are a good choice for wedding decorations and decorations for your wedding gifts and objects. They are easy to customize and can be used for any occasion.

On different product packaging boxes, let it reflect their different value meanings with the products, so the outer packaging of the cake box packaging should reflect the emotionalization of the product.

The line type and proportion of the custom design of the cake box are important factors that determine the inseparable body beauty, and the shape change of the cake box is the personality of the cake box design.

1. Gift box line type From the perspective of three-dimensional modeling, the shape is the body, and the body is the shape. There is no line. In the shape of the cake box, the line is only shown as the turning line and the boundary contour line between the face and the face, so many cake boxes will have different line types when viewed from different angles. The shape of the cake box cannot be separated from the square and round. It is called the combination of straight line and curve when embodied in the line, and the design should be made into a whole that is both contrastive and coordinated.

2. Proportion refers to the size relationship between the various parts of the cake box designed by the cake box packaging factory, including the size relationship between top and bottom, left and right, main body and accessories, and the whole and part. The proper arrangement of the proportions of each component of the cake box directly reflects the physical beauty of the cake box.

3. Change The change of the body is to form a body full of change and vitality based on the basic body by cutting and combining lights.

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