The design of the packaging box of soil eggs


Modern people pay much attention to health. Nowadays, n […]

Modern people pay much attention to health. Nowadays, native egg gifts have become common gifts for people. But eggs are fragile. How to pack eggs and make them look decent? It depends on the designer's design.

The designer already knows before planning the design of the native egg gift box; the beautification of the native egg gift box is a three-dimensional graphic design attached to the native egg gift box, which is the external visual image of the native egg gift box, which can import goods. Elements such as relevant text, product pictures, product origin and visual image representative. Some native egg gift box noodles are a manifestation of product information, but as the basic of native egg gift boxes; in terms of six aspects, it is a partial image expression. Similarly, label design not only focuses on a label design, but also the shape of the label and the container, and the relationship between the label and the label. Therefore, the visual import design of the egg gift box is similar to the advertising design in some respects. And it also pays attention to other aspects, so that the whole egg gift box forms a whole.

Holism and its applications

Egg tray manufacturers say that modern native egg gift box design is an important part of modern design. Its development process is closely related to the evolution of modern design. Whether it is in theory or specific design practice, native egg gift box design moments Walk at the forefront of the times, express the new trend of design, and reflect the mainstream of design. Affected by the postmodernist design trend, the design of the native egg gift box is against the principle of simple design of modernism, emphasizing the decorativeness of the design, and boldly adopting bright colors and eye-catching text, advocating to absorb materials from traditional culture for creation , Pursue a sense of wit and humor. Therefore, the post-modern style of native egg gift box design does not have a unified look, but incorporates historicalism, decorativeism, eclecticism and metaphorical design. The design of the post-modern egg gift box has various forms and a wide range of contents. It enriches the design level and promotes the development of design. But it also makes the native egg gift box appear messy, ambiguous, and does not pay attention to the characteristics of unity and harmony. Therefore, this thesis focuses on how to apply the holistic theory of Gestalt psychology to the design of post-modern native egg gift boxes, trying to analyze and demonstrate how to maintain an overall order in diversification.

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