The role of plastic fruit trays in the food industry


People's living standards are getting better and better […]

People's living standards are getting better and better, and the quality of life is becoming more and more stressful. The things they eat are getting more and more refined. They don't ask for more, just seek better. This is the concept of people in recent times, and then many catering businesses. They have all developed, so the more they decorate, the more they have their own characteristics. The more they like it, the more they can see it. Naturally, the plastic tray is invented.

What exactly is the blister tray? In daily life, when the waiter drinks, it is easy to overturn the dishes and drinks. This is a common problem in the catering industry. The invention of the blister tray solves such problems well. After the blister tray, the probability of this happening is almost zero.

Moreover, blister trays are also widely used in the transportation industry and industry. The most important role is to facilitate the transportation and distribution of goods, so that our handling process can be made easier.

Blister workflow

1. Business department inquiry:

The unit price of plastic products is related to the following factors: the length, width, height and plastic molding complexity of the plastic products; the type, thickness and color of the materials used; the downstream processing technology of the plastic products (folding, hitting) Holes, edge seals, etc.), order quantity and order cycle. The quotation will have an initial quotation based on the customer's sample and description, and the final quotation will be reported after proofing.

2. The household sends an inquiry request:

The way one calls the inquiry, the second way is the fax inquiry, the way is three-way email inquiry, and the fourth way is the inquiry through the network chat tool. The customer must provide the length, width, height and thickness (or weight) of the material used, the color and type (PVC, PET, PS, PP), the number of products and the production cycle.

3. Blister molding production:

It is produced by automatic high-speed plastic forming machine. The basic principle is: pull the rolled sheet into the oven to heat it to soften state, then pull it to the top of the plastic mold by heat, move the mold up and vacuum, it will soften. The sheet is adsorbed to the surface of the mold, and the cooling water is sprayed on the surface of the formed sheet in a mist to harden it, and the formed sheet is automatically pulled to the storage box, and the pneumatic cutting knife separates the formed from the unformed sheet. Thereby completing the entire process. Most of the main quality problems of plastic products occur in this process: 1. The plastic is not in place, which means that the shape is deformed, and there is no product that is shaped into the same shape as the mold; 2. Excessive plasticity means that the product is too thin; Pulling wire refers to the appearance of undue line marks on the molded product; 4. Uneven thickness. These problems need to be debugged in place after the mold is put in place, including: the time the sheet advances, the temperature and time of heating, the strength and time of vacuuming, the position of the upper mold falling, the time and depth, and the placement of the mold in the imposition. Whether to add accessories, etc. between the position and the mold.

4, computer design:

After the customer basically approves the quotation, the request, physical or blister samples will be handed over to the business department. The production scheduling will require the computer design department to scan the customer's physical object and combine the print design to produce a flat design drawing of the blister product.

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