Those who use plastic tableware must pay attention to these points!


Recently, there are more and more rumors about “plastic […]

Recently, there are more and more rumors about “plastic tableware is poisonous”. Many people avoid plastic tableware. But are plastic tableware really poisonous?

Internationally accepted plastic classification:

1. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET): Mineral water, fruit juice, and beverage plastic bottles are made of it.

2. High-density polyethylene (HDPE): it is commonly used for bottled water.

3. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): the plastic used for general plastic pipes.

4. Polypropylene (PP): a material with strong heat resistance, it is used in microwave-heatable plastic appliances.

5. Polystyrene (PS): It is used for the lid of milk tea.

6. It often refers to several types of plastics such as polycarbonate (PC): Most baby bottles use PC as a raw material.

From the point of view of material composition, we can choose the plastic box that suits our needs, and from the analysis of the use method, we need to pay attention to these points:

Plastic tableware is uneven, replace it with wonderful

Plastic products also have a shelf life. After the expiration date, the plastic will age, discolor and become brittle. If the plastic box used is found to be yellow or no longer transparent, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Aging plastic may release substances that may be harmful to the human body. The "life" of a plastic lunch box depends on personal use and cleaning methods. The shelf life of most plastic products is generally about three to five years. If it is used frequently, it is better to replace it in one to two years.

Don't put these foods in plastic lunch boxes

1. The bubbles of carbonated drinks (soda, cola, etc.) will lose the sealing ability of the plastic lunch box;

2. Foaming food, fermented food, hot food, etc. will reduce the sealing performance of the plastic lunch box. Please try to avoid storing such food in the plastic lunch box.

Three-compartment plastic dinner plate

Can plastic tableware be heated

If the food contains a lot of oil and sugar, the plastic lunch box will be deformed if the temperature rises rapidly. Therefore, it is recommended to use a special microwave oven for heating food.

Plastic boxes have their heat-resistant limits. Among the materials used for food, polypropylene (PP) is currently more heat-resistant, which can withstand 140°C, followed by polyethylene (PE), which can withstand 110°C, while polystyrene (PS) ) Can only heat up to 90°C.

Plastic tableware you want to use like this

1. Try to buy products sold by regular manufacturers in regular stores.

2. Do not heat plastic products at high temperatures, unless it is specifically marked "Can be used in microwave ovens" or marked with a tolerable temperature.

3. Plastic tableware with plasticizer is recommended not to contain baby food.

Do you know how to use plastic tableware after reading these?

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