Transparent plastic box cake box and what is the difference?


1.Difference in molding Transparent cake box: Press the […]

1.Difference in molding

Transparent cake box: Press the transparent film out of the border line of the box structure by using a beer machine, remove the "waste" outside the border line of the box, get the flat structure of the box, fold along the border line, and use glue to open the The edges are glued to form a three-dimensional transparent cake box.

Blister box: After the flat plastic hard sheet material is heated and softened, it is adsorbed on the surface of the mold by vacuum, and then cooled and formed.

2, the difference in printing process

Transparent cake box: Various exquisite patterns can be printed on the cake box, colorful and colorful!

Blister box: cannot be printed, and hermeticity is better than cake box.

3. The difference in use

Transparent cake box: widely used in product packaging, for products that focus on product packaging, brand promotion, and consumer terminal.

Blister box: A large number of products are used for inner packaging, and a small amount is used for outer packaging (for products with no appearance requirements). Blister packaging box raised significantly recessed, the package is typically

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