Types of materials for disposable lunch boxes


The pp plastic disposable lunch box produced by Hangzho […]

The pp plastic disposable lunch box produced by Hangzhou Oubeier Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is tasteless and non-toxic, and does not release toxic substances when heated. It can be used to make lunch boxes. The plastic is translucent white without coloring. If the instant noodles are matched with real pp, you can use it with confidence.

Hangzhou Oubeier Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. can produce more than 10,000 tons of bio-based biodegradable materials annually, disposable lunch box manufacturers, disposable lunch box wholesale, disposable soup bowls, packaging boxes and food packaging products more than 100 million, domestic An important manufacturer of bio-based biodegradable materials and products.

At present, the materials of lunch boxes on the market can be roughly divided into three types: glass silicon, plastic, and iron. For plastic, it is divided into PC material and PP material, so it can also be said that there are 4 types. Among them, the glass lunch box is safe in terms of materials, but it is not convenient to carry. It needs to be carefully guarded and is heavy. Even if you don't load anything, the weight is already there. For plastics, it is recommended to buy PP, which is an international safety grade material. Chengdu Gree Air Conditioner after-sales maintenance disposable lunch box is high temperature resistant and can be put into the microwave oven. Therefore, it is recommended to buy PP lunch box, which is also easier to carry. Iron is easy to get heat, will be hot.

The new imported PP plastic blister is mainly used in the healthy lunch box, which will not be deformed or broken due to the weight of the food in the lunch box. The strong outer material makes the lunch box free from weight and environmental factors. It is not easy to spill when it is filled with soup or thin and thick substances, so it is easy to carry. The appearance design is exquisite and practical.

In the past, the appearance of lunch boxes was mostly the same, with a simple single-cell design, and the color remained unchanged to white. The new healthy lunch box design is novel and bold. There are single-cell, two-cell, three-cell and other multi-cell designs. It is light and flexible. There are also a variety of colors to choose from. People can also see other bright colors of the dishes on the tableware. The rice and the vegetables are cleverly separated, away from the troubles of "big pot rice".

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