What are the catering disposable items to choose from


When you are in the catering business, there are many a […]

When you are in the catering business, there are many aspects to deal with, including the production of food and beverages, packaging and delivery; the packaging of food and beverages is the largest expenditure item in cost, and there are a large number of disposable food and beverage supplies, including plastic Cups, paper plates and other disposable food packaging.  

The choice of disposable catering products also includes all tableware, including napkins and small squares, food covering materials, such as aluminum foil, cling film and baking parchment, plates and cutlery, in addition, a variety of plates, plastics, poly Styrene and paper, as well as various plastic and wooden tableware, lunch boxes, cake boxes, or luxury packaging.

When buying lunch boxes, pay special attention to whether there is a mark "No BPA" on all lunch boxes.

The "BPA-free" label means that the product does not contain BPA, a synthetic compound related to a range of health problems, from cardiovascular diseases to brain dysplasia and increased risk of certain cancers; BPA is used in the plastics industry One of the most widespread chemicals, from dental sealants to cash register receipts and tin can linings.

But more and more evidence shows that BPA-free products are safer than the hard plastics they replace, and some studies have shown that some chemical alternatives may be more effective than BPA.

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