What are the uses of blister trays and the corresponding materials


Blister trays can be divided into two categories accord […]

Blister trays can be divided into two categories according to their uses. One is to protect the product from being scratched and dropped during the turnover and transportation. This tray is generally used for electronic parts, hardware components or other related accessories of other products. The other is a food blister tray. This tray is generally used with a plastic wrap or a lid. It can ensure the freshness of the food inside for a long time, and it also helps package the food for sale. There is also a special type of tray called an anti-static blister tray. It is actually the first type of tray, but it has an anti-static project to prevent some electronic products with static electricity from being rubbed against each other during transportation. Loss of functionality.

There are three materials commonly used in blister trays: PVC, PET and PP. The first type of blister tray mentioned above is generally made of PVC and PET. The color is usually transparent, because these two materials are hard and wear-resistant, and the price is affordable. The food blister tray is generally made of PP material, because PP material can be put into the refrigerator for refrigerating or microwave oven heating, and it is safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

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