What should do if the adhesion of laminating is not good


When making cake boxes, lamination is often used. When […]

When making cake boxes, lamination is often used. When laminating, there might be poor adhesion. What should I do if the adhesion is not good?

1. If the adhesive is not properly selected, the amount of glue is set incorrectly, and the proportioning measurement is incorrect, the type and amount of adhesive should be reselected.

2. The diluent contains alcohol and water that consume NCO groups, so that the hydroxyl groups do not react. High-purity ethyl acetate should be used.

3. There is dusting on the surface of printed packaging products. Wipe gently with a dry cloth.

4. The ink layer of printed packaging is too thick. Should increase the amount of adhesive coating, increase pressure.

5. The ink layer of printed packaging products is not dry or not completely dry. It should be hot pressed once before gluing; choose adhesive with high solid content; increase coating thickness; increase drying tunnel temperature, etc.

6. When the adhesive is absorbed by the printing ink and paper, the coating amount is insufficient. Should re-formulate and set the coating amount.

7. The surface treatment of the plastic-adhesive film is not enough or exceeds the applicable period, which invalidates the treatment surface.

8. The pressure is low, the speed is fast, and the temperature is low. The temperature and pressure of the coating film should be increased during processing of the cake box, and the speed should be appropriately reduced.

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