What to pay attention to when wholesale transparent plastic boxes in large quantities?


What should I pay attention to when wholesale transpare […]

What should I pay attention to when wholesale transparent plastic boxes in large quantities? In today's era of rapid consumption, transparent plastic boxes have become a kind of fast-moving consumer goods, and the existence of transparent plastic boxes is indispensable in many occasions and fields. With the rapid increase of consumers, enterprises have an increasing demand for transparent plastic boxes. However, when wholesale transparent plastic boxes in large quantities, we must pay attention to the following:

Note 1: Materials

There are many materials for transparent plastic boxes, such as PVC, PET, PP and so on. When purchasing wholesale, you must clarify your needs for materials, such as the packaged products and the environment in which they are used. There is a certain difference between the type of material and the price, which you must understand.

Note 2: Thickness

Thickness is an important parameter for wholesale purchase of transparent plastic boxes, but thickness has certain rules for different materials. For example, the thickness of the PVC packaging box can be a little thicker, which can be about 0.2mm-1.0mm, while the thickness of PP and PET packaging boxes generally does not exceed 0.75mm. Customers can choose a suitable thickness according to their own needs and the weight of the product. If they have no experience or concept in this area, they can consult the customer service staff, who will give relevant recommendations and suggestions.

Note three: size

The size mainly includes three parameters, namely length, width and height. The size of the transparent plastic box determines its application occasions. This requires special attention to avoid economic losses due to size differences.

In addition to the three precautions described in the article, you also need to understand the number of transparent plastic boxes. Under normal circumstances, transparent plastic box manufacturers will have a minimum order quantity. If it is lower than this quantity, the price may be higher than the pre-ordered price. Of course, if you buy more transparent plastic bottles wholesale, the price will be more affordable.

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