Why plastic containers are better?


Why plastic containers are better? By comparing the qua […]

Why plastic containers are better? By comparing the quality of glass containers, and the advantages of using plastic to store and package food. Let you know at a glance.

Disadvantages of using glass packaging

Glass is used in supermarkets and stores to package food, oil, spices, etc. When it comes to long-distance packaging of perishable things, it also has its shortcomings. The following are some of the disadvantages of using glass packaging.


First, glass is heavier than plastic. This means more travel is needed to transport packaged goods. In turn, this means greater environmental impact. The glass is not only heavy, but also heavy so that consumers need to carry them from point A (supermarket) to point B (home).


Fragility takes on a whole new meaning in the use of glass containers to store food. We have all learned since childhood that there is a tendency for easily broken glass, which means that if a glass bottle or jar accidentally hits the floor, it can easily break, leaving a mess. In addition, glass is also more slippery to the touch than plastic. This means that it is more likely to fall than plastic containers or other packaging materials.


The broken glass is also more dangerous than other packaging materials. Broken glass can reduce a person's skin, and sometimes, it can be life-threatening. This is a danger, very suitable for those who work in factories, shops, or even transport and packaging operators who are responsible for handling.

Benefits of using plastic containers

Additional storage

Plastic containers allow you to buy food in bulk, and you can save money and get discounts and other price cuts to buy bulk.

Absorbed taste

When plastic is used to store perishable items, it can absorb their smell and taste, which means that foods with heavy taste, such as curry or tomato soup can be stored without smell spreading throughout the refrigerator.

Promote your brand

Plastic packaging materials are common materials used in brand strategy mainly because they are easier to print. Because printing plastic can be done easily, it reduces costs and provides packaging solutions that enable you to promote your brand.

Plastic is recyclable

More than 40% are made of recycled plastic, compared to only 20% of glass containers. The recycled glass has peaked since the middle of the decade, and the proportion of glass recycled annually has declined, while the recycling of plastics is increasing.

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